Wood Flooring



Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment for your home. As an investment, they need the proper care and attention to keep them looking new. DMI Restoration understands how to properly clean and protect wood flooring so that you can enjoy it for untold years to come. We can remove the dirt embedded even deep within the cracks of your wood floors without scratching or discoloring your hardwood. This deep-cleaning system also removes unseen allergens that can take a big toll on your indoor air quality. But more goes into caring for wood floors than simply removing dirt. DMI Restoration will also apply a protective conditioner solution to your flooring to preserve the life and integrity of the wood, preventing scratches and stains. Our professional-grade, non-toxic wood cleaners and protective conditioners are safe for your family and your wood flooring and can remove even the toughest stains. DMI Restoration can revive and preserve your wood flooring with our safe and professional cleaning solutions.