Air Ducts



DMI Restoration can effectively clean all your commercial air duct and ventilation systems. Indoor air quality can suffer greatly because of the build-up of dust mites, dirt, mold, and other bacteria in your ventilation system. This poor indoor air quality can result in numerous health problems to you and your employees, causing loss of productivity and work time. However, having a properly cleaned HVAC system can also lower heating and cooling costs by helping the unit run more efficiently. When dirt and dust builds up in the air duct system, the unit must work much harder to circulate the air, using more energy to do the same job. DMI Restoration’s trained HVAC technicians can completely clean your air ducts and entire ventilation system to help keep it running efficiently and safely. We will analyze your particular system and its air duct cleaning needs and develop a custom cleaning plan that will work around your business and its schedule. Leave all your air duct cleaning needs to the professionals at DMI Restoration .